BMC - Leyland Car Club Inc

The BMC-Leyland Car Club Inc welcomes all women to join this club.

In what could be called a male dominated area, car clubs, the BMC-Leyland Car Club Inc welcomes women to bring their classic cars on a run and join in the social side of the club.

Yes, we are a predominating male car club but we are more a social club with a common interest, our cars. Our membership has a number of women that are keen to participate, some with partners and some without.

Our club is mainly BMC and Leyland vehicles but we accept any British, European and under some consideration any classic vehicle over 25 years of age.

Our club is a no nonsense club, we have meetings on runs, when we can, our low annual fees and the ethos of the club is to keep things simple, friendly with little formality. Our newsletter is emailed to members monthly and we have little rules.

We do not discriminate and we keep religion and politics out.

If you have a car that is 25 years or older you can put your vehicle on the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme which allows you to drive your vehicle for up to 90 days per year provided you fill out a log book which is provided to you by VicRoads.

Our only requirement as a club is that you do make an effort to participate from time to time on a club run and join in the fun times we have.


Any questions please contact our membership officer, Sue Wilson at

03 59775686
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